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I 31 to am in of pointed targeted: Having said that, there is no shortage of genuine prostitution in this part of the world either; scantily dressed women can be found congregating on certain streets and bars on a nightly basis. I guess I should have known I was in a real seedy locale when an entourage of women in high heels and short skirts approached me as soon as I sat down at the bar.

One woman, apparently unable to speak English or French, showed me a pre-written text message on her phone that advertised her services.

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At some point I met Ali. If I call him it's fine we talk, everything is great but it's not cheap to call so I got him phone for his birthday, set up WhatsApp etc and it's great being able to send pics etc well it's great when he bothers! He doesn't work full time so he can't be that busy!!

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I just don't know if I'm wasting my time!! I've said to him so many times if your not interested anymore or bored just tell me!! That's no good to me here is it!! I know u can't generalise but any advice on Kenyan men id appreciate! I'm aware they think they are above women and rule the roost he has already shown that not in a bad way so it's clear there are some differences to men I'm used too!

He is kikuyu if that makes any difference?!

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Do u think there is a big difference between western relationships and African ones? Thanks in advance for any help sorry for the long ramble!!! All I can say to you is that men are men, regardless of where they are.

Stereotypes play a very minial roles and so don't treat him like some special case. Sorry about that, but remember you cannot teach an adult how to behave. Kenyan men are not very good in communication. Hi Bubbles, Take my advice, run! » Kenyan Mzungu Dating Site

This doesn't make any sense at all. Someone who is uncommunicative because apparently 'he is distracted'???? Oh and you bought it a phone so you can 'communicate' better. And what, long distance relationship for a Kenyan man!

Chic, am Kenyan, am telling you, guurrrlll, this guy is using you! If he is soooo distracted to stay in touch, you better distract yourself with something! And the excuse 'Kenyan men are not very good at communicating' that my dear is BS. Those are the excuses we make for people so that we can feel good. Kneel down, thank God, the rise up and run! Bubbles55b You are being used. I agree with gbella on this. My knowledge of Kenyans is different to what your guy is.

He might wake up. This depends on him not to talk about traditions me here i need to a white woman to marry her never mind about it everything will be ok. Thanks for advice guys we had argument today about his lack of communication he said I'm busy I can't talk to u all day so I said I don't expect you to talk to me all day, but not replying to my messages for hours is rude!

He said he thinks he is not enough so if I'm not happy I need to find someone else.

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Was warned about kikuyu men today by Kenyan girl saying all they care about is money and they treat women really badly so I'm feeling really down about it all now!! He is so great when I'm there I can't fault him at all can someone really put on that much of a great act?! My friends and family have met him too as I know u can be blinded by love they all love him too think he is genuine I am so confused.

I find him quite manipulating at times I start off telling him why I'm not happy and he ends up twisting it making it about him and how im obviously bored of him and this is any excuse to get away from him!!! By now the rose tinted glasses have fallen from your eyes and you now see him for what he is.

We have all given you our honest opinions and hopefully you have taken that on board. Cut your losses and bail out. The other thing to consider is that he probably has another girlfriend, or maybe more than one. Traditionally Kikuyu's can have more than one wife and although this is no longer common, an overspill is that Kikuyu men often have mistresses.

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Most of the Kikuyu men that I know operate like this. Their wives are usually aware! From what you say, he may even have a wife and you are his mistress - have you thought of that? It would be ideal for him, as you visit from time to time!! My wife is Kikuyu and she often says that there was no way she could have dated a Kikuyu man, for the reasons you have outlined, plus their unfaithfulness.

This is not about tribe, religion et al.

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You are not seeking the same things. If you were, you wouldn't be here asking - that's how you know!!!! One more time, Chic - run! No I don't agree just because we live apart now doesn't mean that won't change my question was about culture as what I see every day there is very different from UK so if I understood more then I could decide from there if I could handle it but it is also unfair to judge a whole group of people as the same. No not married and I've turned up unannounced no sign of any wife I've met his family friends I'm sure there is no wife thanks for your comments all.